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The Eco-Carrier V2 is the most sturdy, foldable, and well ventilated pet carrier around. The Eco Carrier V2 folds open from the front and back sides for easy access for you pet. Product Description Version two of our Eco-Carriers comes in Green, Blue, Pink, and Orange. These vivid colors allow you to carry your pet in style. It is fold-able! It is easy to use. Easy to clean and well-ventilated. All carriers come with a mat, strap, and comfort handle. The difference between our foldable Eco Pet Carrier are: Version 1 only opens through the top which is perfect for cats and puppies. The Eco Carrier V2 opens through the top and also from the front and back sides of the carrier which is perfect for larger pets to walk in. Features Include: Environmental Friendly Slotted Paw Logo design provides good ventilation Patented PP provides a light weight construction & can be fold-able Small carrier size dimentions: 16? x 11? x 2? (Max Load = 11 lb) Large carrier size dimensions: 21? x 13? x 3? (Max Load = 22lb)