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Our pet slings are the perfect item for customers who own small pets. Wacky Paws Pet slings come in 4 different colors: Green, Blue, Pink & Yellow. Product Description Everyone is catching on to how COOL and COMFORTABLE our Pet-Slings are. Our pet sling is very popular among consumers. The Pet Sling features the signature air mesh material, giving your small pet the proper ventilation is may need on those long hot days. It comes in pink, blue, green and yellow. Its perfect to use while walking on the beach, at the mall or at a park. The sling zips and has a hook to keep your pet safe inside. The Pet Sling comfortably rests on your side allowing you bring your pet anywhere, solving your pets separation anxiety by carrying your pet with you by your side! We offer 2 different sizes: Small pet slings and Large pet slings. Small slings max load is 10 pounds and Large slings max load is 16 pounds. Size Small: 10? x 6.50? x 17? Max load: 10 lbs Size Large: 14? x 8? x 18? Max load: 11-16 lbs