Sara England
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16" x 20" (11" x 14" art within) matted art print featuring your favorite breed by Sara England, an American artist.

As proprietor of an independent, woman-owned & family-run small business, Sara has acquired prominence for her fun and lively artwork. Sara lives and works in Delaware with her husband and 7-year old baby boy Chance - a rescued pit-mix (the best dog ever). "I live a very busy life between family, friends, dog shows, and art. I am living what I love.

Sara also loves time with the “girls.” She had two sisters growing up and loved to spend time with them. “My dream for us was to be like `The Golden Girls’, retreating to the tropics together after a happy life with family.” Unfortunately, Sara’s younger sister was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in the spring of 2005 and passed from the disease six months later. It was a tragedy beyond tragedies and a life-changing experience for Sara. “We go about life as if there are many tomorrows, but sometimes there are not. I always hug my family goodbye and let them know I love them. I appreciate all the friendships in my life and hope to never take them for granted.

What I’ve Learned About Life:
“Life is a gift. Live each day with passion. Love your family and friends. Help someone laugh, even in the toughest of times. Humor can get you through. Life is beautiful…”