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Our Sporty Pet Backpacks are very popular. They are fun and easy to use. They come in 4 different colors; pink, blue, green and yellow. Product Description Our Wacky Paws Backpack sits well in the front of the pet owner near the lower chest and belly. The Sporty Backpack features the signature air mesh material, giving your small pet the proper ventilation is may need on those long hot days. You may use the back pack the traditional way (on your back) however, more and more users like carrying their pet on the front side. A unique feature that our backpacks have is the waist line strap that can buckle around your waist to better secure and support the weight of your pet. Inside there is a hook to keep your pet safe and secure inside your backpack. Each Backpack comes with side pockets that are perfect to keep your cell phone, doggie treats, water bottles or poop bags. Size Small: 15? x 5.5? x 15? Max load: 6.5 lbs Size Large: 17? x 7? x 17? Max load: 11 lbs